Evaluation Matrix – Pinterest


Name of teaching resource

Pinterest – The Material World – Solid, liquid & Gas

Weblink (if web based)


Who should this digital teaching resource be used with? (ie year/grade)

This teaching resource is to be used with students in Stage 3. This resource meets the outcomes for the material World ST3-12MW and ST3-13MW by focusing on the content of solid, liquid and gases and how they all have different observable properties and perform in different ways.

How should it be used? (e.g. individual, whole class)

This resource should be used by the teacher. This resource consist of a range of science experiements, you tube videos, work sheets and other interactive activities to teach the children the Material World.

Which subject or learning area would it be most appropriate to use in?

This resource soley focuses on the Key Learning Area Science and the strand the Material World.

Identify the strengths of this teaching resource

The strengths of this teacher resource is that it allows for the combination of ideas from all other teaching professionals who access Pinterest and actively allow you to use and share one anothers ideas to branch off and explore with, within your own classroom and school.

Identify any weaknesses of this teaching resource

A weakness would be that this is not a direct resource or lesson you can take straight to the classroom and use. It is a resource that provides fun and creative ideas that you can implement in your teaching.

Explain any ideas you may have for further use of this teaching resource

Further ideas for this teacher resource would to collaborate this resource with other teaching members so you can all actively pin your individual ideas and share amongst one another to create an effective peer learning environment.


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