Digital identity & Security


In todays digitally active environment security and identity are two major issues of a much higher complexity then it was in days of the offline world (Sullivan, 2011). Today online users are faced with; cyberbullying, online security breaches, identity thief, and fraud.

Digital Identity is information used by companies, individuals or device to represent themselves in the online world. “Our digital identity can exist in many forms and for many different purposes. Its existence on the Web becomes a currency that can be unscrupulously traded and abused” (Sullivan,2011). Now all online services generally require that all users enter personal information in order for them to access the site. Once a digital identity has been created they can be searched online and remain forever in the online world. As the younger generation use digital resources for recreational use they are deemed the most vulnerable as they are the most naive and informed users.

Studies conducted by Australian Council for Educational Research, 2013 found that many online users are proactive in maintaining a secure and safe online identity by:

  • Creating a number of passwords and unique combinations
  • Creating distinct social and professional online identities
  • That they will only disclose further details when they see a website they trust (Organisations, security assurance, encryption symbols).
  • If the information being asked for is necessary

Where as digital security is the protecting of your digital identity. According to Vitaliev, 2007 It is the combination of tools and habits that users can use to prevent others from secretly monitoring their actions online, assessing or tampering with their electronically stored information or communications and interfering with their electronic devices or programs.



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