Digital Fluency


According to Wang, Myers and Sundaram 2012, Digital Fluency is defined as the ability to reformulate knowledge and produce information to express oneself creatively and appropriately in a digital environment. This definition implies that being digitally fluent is not only having the skill to engage with technology but the ability to be able to produce new and creative things that are off significance and convey an idea.

digital-fluency-130214100710-phpapp01-thumbnail-4Digital fluency as defined by Wang Myers and Sundaram suggest there are two types; digital natives and digital immigrants. When being categorised between these two types many factors are taken into consideration that have direct and indirect impact on ones digital fluency. The two most common factors are; ones age and accessibility to technology.

Digital Natives are generally classified as a generation of young people born into the digital age who have inherited the skills and knowledge to be known as being technologically savvy (Wang, Myers & Sundaram, 2012). This development of skills is due to the increase use of technology for recreational use; Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, iPhone, digital editing and mashups (Howell, 2012).  Where as in contrast, digital immigrants range between individuals who have attempted to use digital technology at stages in their life and those who have not attempted to embrace the development of the digital technology in this era know as the Digital Age (Howell,2012). There is a large spectrum of differences for those who fall into the digital immigrants.

Since the digital age has begun to take over and everything we do in our lives is highly interactive with technology e.g. work, communication. The pressure and demand for digital immigrants to adapt and develop skills in order to contribute effectively to society. These changes have stemmed from the impact as well as the success that technology has created in the world we live.



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